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My summer

This summer is going to be so much fun. I really love to travel and during this summer I am going to travel a lot. A LOT! It is going to be the best summer ever. I really hope everything will go well during my travels around europe. I am going to start of in denmark and spend a week there and then I am going to germany, thats going to be great. I will rent a car and drive around in germany. After germany I will take a boat to sweden and drive fram south to stockholm. While in sweden I am going on a boat charter in stockholm. This summer is going to be great. I really hope i will have time for everything I want to do. And that the money I have been saving up will be enough. After sweden I will go to norway and visit the fjords and all that stuff. I really hope I will have time for Italy and France also. But I don't want to experience everything in one summer I want to be able to come back to all these countrys and still have fun things to do. 

It is going to be so much fun this summer. I really hope I get to learn a lot about myself while traveling around europe experience things, seeing things, relying on myself and only myself. Meet new people and trying not to be so shy like I have always been. I am really excited and I hope that all my followers on this blog would like to travel with me on my adventures. When i have access to internet I am going to update the blog with pictures, texts and maybe a video every now and then i hope at least.